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Money is just about the cleverest thing that humankind has ever invented but we have been using it in just about the stupidest way possible.

This book explains what money is, how we abuse it, and how we could use it to make our economy work much better for the benefit of everyone.

Exploring our relationship with money, we discover that our desire to possess it rather than use it is at the root of our economic problems, and changing how we feel about money is the key to solving most of them.

The nonsense of orthodox economic thinking is exposed, and reforms to our economic system are proposed, shedding light on a plausible way forward while delivering a serious poke with a sharp stick to our “nothing-can-be-done” complacency.

The author has spent the last 30 years as a self-employed foot-soldier engaged in the daily struggle to keep cash flowing in sufficient quantity through a variety of businesses, and has tackled the subject of our economy from this perspective.

Yes, it’s a book about economics but it’s been written by someone who has tried and failed to understand economics textbooks and habitually nods off when reading the finance pages in the newspaper.

The book is aimed at the ordinary punter who’s trying to make sense of an economic system that’s patently dysfunctional and has an interest in finding out how we can harness the magic of money to abolish taxes, shrink government, boost business, eliminate poverty and ensure that everyone has enough money to meet their basic needs without having to beg, borrow or steal.

Our Money: how to shrink government, , boost business, eliminate poverty, and make the economy work properly for everyone is available in the following formats:

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Paperback (UK)

Paperback (US)